Dates: November 10th to the 12th
Location: Catskills Mountains of New York
Accommodations: Menla Mountain Retreat Center
Cost: $600* (transportation and accommodations) + 5 organic lemons (for cleanse)

Travel:   We will travel by van to Menla Mountain Retreat, meeting and departing from the St. Marks studio @ 12 St. Marks Pl. in the East Village.

DEPARTURE: Friday – we will meet at the St. Marks Studio for departure at 12 noon
RETURN: Sunday – we will leave Menla in the morning, arriving to the city around 2pm

Contact: Please email if you have any questions or would like more information

*alumni of YttP teacher trainings can participate at the discounted rate of $500

Yoga to the People is a donation based yoga studio dedicated to making yoga available to everyone, everywhere.  Our all-inclusive retreat is designed with the same commitment – creating an incredible experience at an affordable price.

This 2-day silent retreat up in the Catskill Mountains of New York  includes an introduction to the master cleanse and YTTP Vinyasa flow yoga classes offered everyday. This is an all-levels class that is challenging enough for all yet accessible to everyone….

We will be staying at Menla Mountain Retreat center,  about a 3-4 hour drive from Manhattan.


  • Hiking
  • Yoga (every day)
  • Native American Sweat Lodge
  • 2-day fast as part of the Master Cleanse Fast Program

The Master Cleanse, should you choose to participate, will require fasting while at the retreat and following its guidelines—cleansing with the Master Cleanse Drink.

Over the years many of our students have been interested in doing a cleanse but were not sure how to begin or which one to chose. Many of our teachers have done the master cleanse and have felt awesome! We thought to include this as part of the retreat because group momentum and support can be a great way to start something that might feel unfamiliar or challenging. During the cleanse people have experienced an increase in energy, deep sleep and a strong and focused yoga practice!

We are incredibly honored and humbled to share this experience with a pipe carrying Sweat Lodge leader. He will give a brief history of the Sweat Lodge—what this sacred ceremony means and its relationship to people and the planet. After deep consideration, the opportunity to participate in an authentic Sweat Ceremony on Saturday night.

We will be staying at the beautiful Menla Mountain Retreat center which is about a 3-4hr drive from Manhattan.

Menla Mountain website:

 Accommodations are shared rooms and bathrooms.
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Wow. I am filled with gratitude for this radiant/magical/life-changing experience. Doing the master cleanse, being in a stunning natural setting, being in complete silence, and the sweat lodge makes a truly powerful combination. Not eating really forces you to notice and be completely present in your body and with your thoughts the silence really aids in this endeavor as well. The retreat enabled me to continue the master cleanse for a full week afterwards, something I never thought I'd have the will power to do. The yoga teachers on the retreat are so very welcoming and supportive of your experience there's no hierarchy. The sweat lodge is a place where I didn't expect to face my deepest fears, but did and am so incredibly grateful for that specific challenge. If you are at an especially lonely or sad juncture in your life, I highly recommend this retreat. I'm not saying you'll get answers, but you might leave with slightly a clearer focus of your life's purpose. My sole criticism of the retreat is that I wish it were longer! The weekend flew by in the blink of an eye. Thank YOU, YTTP. This counts as one of, if not the very best experience I've had since moving to New York City three years ago.
Go with no expectations
I experienced
Nature; fresh air, and quiet
Challenges- physically and emotionally
Freedom to discover
To be anything/anyone I want to be
"YTTP silent retreat was not what I expected it to be. But yet it was so much more! It wasn't about silence, or cleanse, or being inside of my head, but about being connected to my own self. I went there to look for answers, to learn how to let things go. But found way more. Over this weekend I fell in love again. With myself. And with this world. So don't be afraid to try new things! Don't be afraid to feel! To be vulnerable. To listen. It's so easy to close your eyes and listen to the the the wind... And to your breath. No need for anything else."
Menla was beautiful. Lots of beautiful natural spaces to discover and explore. The sweat lodge was a very
unique experience. It was hard to let go but I think just being there is good for anybody. Being in an unusual
space with a group of people you don’t know and feeling the deep primal connections of companionship and
caring and generosity that bonds us all, pretty good.
Our YTTP instructors were AHMAZING. It was a beautiful place to practice and fun being led by a different
instructor each time. awesome yoga!
At the end, when we broke silence and shared our stories and experiences we all had our own reasons for going. For me, the retreat made it easy to connect with myself. In the silence, the only thing talking is your mind. and I got to listen. Sometimes an experience that was very short can reverberate through your life.
I think this is one of them.
Joe Blow
Last weekend was pretty profound. I kinda went through withdrawal so I’ve done yoga every day since returning. I’m four years into my practice and I had never done so much yoga in so little time let alone with each class led by an incredible superstar teacher in such a peaceful place and surrounded by so many silent awesome people. My yoga practice totally changed after this weekend. I am so in touch with my breathing now. Sometimes I am only breath.