How To Get The Dragons Out Of Your Temple

A brilliantly beautiful story…

I came upon this book, written way before it’s time, at exactly the right time.  It was, in a way, a silver lining…Tangled in the up’s and down’s of a mentally and emotionally exhaustive lawsuit, Diane Neuman was an up.

How To Get The Dragons Out Of Your Temple was published in 1976 when yoga, in this country, was in it’s infancy.   A well-intentioned person, upset by the lawsuit, brought the book to my attention in hopes of revealing what he considered strong evidence against Bikram’s claim of copyright privileges. In fact, many postures Bikram Choudhury claims to hold copyright over were published here in Diane’s book before Bikram even wrote his.

The book was out of print.  When I finally found it, I was completely blown away.  The book is smart.  It is well done.  Honestly, it’s a gem.  How To Get The Dragons Out Of Your Temple is the cutest and most well written yoga book I’ve come across in a while, and completely unlike any other yoga book I have ever come across.  The writer had such a deep understanding of the yoga, and yet the simplicity with which it was written, and the care and detail with which she penned the drawings, showed an appreciation and reverence I immediately admired. It almost felt like an intimate snapshot into the woman’s own person yoga journal, offered for everyone to see and use and explore.

I had to find the author.  I felt clear this book needed to have a new life—a chance for it to have it’s own time…

Diane greeted me warmly over the phone without knowing me.  After gushing over her work and sharing my intention and desire to spread it, I asked how her work came to be.  And so, within the first minutes of our aquaintaince and without pause, Diane told me her story. When she was 15 years old, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She started to read anything she could get her hands on about breathing and yoga and healing.  Back in those days there wasn’t much out there, but this was the beginning of a journey to heal herself. She was later diagnosed with lung cancer in 2006 and after beating the odds then, she battled a second round in 2010. “Really, I’m a walking miracle. I shouldn’t be here…” she said, her words were humble.  Diane wasn’t bragging; in a way she was marveling at her story with me.  In awe with her own continued existence…

Diane and I got to know each other better.  She studied breath work and taught yoga in San Francisco for many years.  She made no money teaching yoga, or from writing How To Get The Dragons Out Of Your Temple.  In her words, “It was my life’s work and life’s purpose.”  This angel of a woman reminded me, in my own time of great struggle, what yoga and life is really all about.  Not ownership or copyrights or lawsuits.  Diane’s life has been about unselfish love.  It is pure.  It is simple.

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Diane and Jerome Neuman