We’re Going International

We’re Going International

We’re Going International

We’re Going International

Yoga To The People is going international! We’re bringing our inclusive, donation-only classes to a select number of well-known hostels, through thoughtful synergistic and supportive participation in like-minded communities. The ethos similarities between Yoga To The People and the world’s most welcoming hostels are many. The opportunities for using our increased energy to encourage our shared active, international, and open-minded community to visit and explore our respective spaces are vast.

The benefits to visitors and local residents of our accessible-to-all, donation-only classes offered in hostels include strengthening and expanding peace of mind, body, and community. Yoga To the People’s founder will be visiting cities in Asia, Australia, and Europe during 2019 to discuss its carefully curated international presence and benefits to participating hostels.

The initial Yoga To The People pilot program at Tel Aviv’s Abraham Hostel immediately generated highly positive ratings and recommendations from guests and local community residents on popular travel and lifestyle social media platforms. For more information about the amazing impact of the Yoga To The People’s established presence in major cities in the United States with large student and visiting international populations please explore the rest of our website.

If you are a hostel owner or manager and would like to be considered for the Yoga To The People’s international program please fill out the contact information form below.

Home (along with Peace, Strength, Activity, Beauty, and Shared Community Experiences)  is where your Yoga practice is and your YttP yoga practice is where ever you happen to be in places that encourage wonder in the world we live in and travel through.

All Bodies Rise.



Affordable & Accessible: YttP’s donation-only classes are taught
by internationally certified teachers. The classes provide a
no-frills yet rich and fulfilling experience for visitors and locals.


Together, we can encourage
our vast, shared community to visit
and explore our respective spaces.


Primary clientele of YttP classes are men and women between
the ages of 18 – 35. They are eager to participate and
recommend experiences they find to be of quality, value, and
visually appealing as they document their experiences on
popular social media platforms.


Yoga to the People classes strengthen the minds, bodies, and
souls of all participants. Travellers and those who welcome
travelers enthusiastically note the fun and memorable
experiences of taking a YttP class.

Want to be a
part of this?

Let Us Know You’re Interested

Please contact us to be considered for the Yoga To The People International Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to set up a Yoga to the People studio at my hostel?

Where do instructors come from?

How big does the yoga space need to be?

What does a typical yoga class schedule look like?

What does it mean to be "donation based"?


To whom it may concern;

My name is Maoz I non and I am one of the owners of the Abraham Hostels, a group of hostels located in the most popular and toured locations in Israel.

I heard about Yoga to the People two years ago, when they approached us in regards ef to a collaboration between YttP and Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv. I was intrigued by the idea of a daily donation-based yoga, offered to our guests in our Tel Aviv location. Tel Aviv is a fun, upbeat city, with a big focus on wellness culture.

We started our collaboration with Yoga to the People almost immediately. At first, we launched a month long pilot, and after concluding that the results for both sides were beyond expectations, we started our mutual journey.

The work towards a collaborative product, offering donation-based yoga practices to both locals and our guests in our Tel Aviv location, was seamless and I would even dare to say fun.

We realized YttP added some great value to our brand in two aspects: First, the responses from our guests were incredible, many of whom mention the yoga studio and the teachers in their recommendations, and tell their friends about us. The second aspect is the connection between the hostel and the local community. Abraham Hostel believes in creating a community, for both locals and tourists. The YttP agenda towards a sense of community and togetherness is quite similar to ours, and together we were able to create a place for locals and guests to meet, socialize, and share an experience alongside each other.

We believe in this idea more than ever, and we highly recommend other hostels around the world to create such a base for people to form a community. We believe our passion for making our hostels feel like home, is one of the reasons we are being considered one of the most popular hostel brands in the world, YttP helped us established another way to explore the concept of home, and to grow a community, together.

In hostels we trust! And yoga too!

Maoz lnon