About YTTP Hot TT

Annual HOT Teacher Training Intensive Program

About the YTTP Hot Teacher Training:

The Yoga to the People Hot Yoga Teacher Training Intensive is an immersion program.  The experiential exploration of postures and breathing exercises has the potential to deepen the individual practice, requiring the commitment of the trainee during allotted hours and active homework outside the meeting times.  The Training will diagnose the relevant anatomy to the given asanas so that the teacher is empowered with the basic knowledge to assist in going beyond the dialogue.  YTTP encourages the organic growth of each participant and will workshop the dialogue so that each trainee has the ability to find their voice within the words, their freedom inside the form. The weekends off, as well as the weeks in between training hours, will serve as an opportunity to absorb the teacher training materials and practice the acquired skills explored in the curriculum.    A large part of the training will be influenced by the time each trainee spends with the work–the memorization of the material and the labor of looking at oneself the yoga naturally provides.  What you put into the intensive will, in turn, affect the outcome.  In our experience, training immersions can have dramatic impact—changing your life while sharing and spreading that change with others.  You complete the program with your presence; you receive a YTTP Hot Yoga Training Certificate by demonstrating your proficiency. Our intention and commitment is to present you with the opportunity to have an amazing experience! *This program is not part of our 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified training.


*Yoga to the People and this teacher training program are not in any way affiliated with Bikram Yoga College of India.

Training Curriculum:

  • Breaking Down the Asanas (Poses)
  • Adjustments & Alignment
  • Anatomy of Postures
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Teaching a Class

Participant Expectations:

  • Take a minimum of 3 YTTP HOT classes per week
  • Be fully present and participate actively in the training
  • Be on time to all training meetings
  • Have no more than 1 absence over the course of the training
  • Practice teaching with other participants in the group
  • Study outside of training for dialogue practice and quizzes
  • Satisfy the observation and tandem class requirements in preparation for teaching
  • Demonstrate the ability to teach a complete class before graduation